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Diagnostics & Superchips

Benefits of our superchip installation service:

  • Better engine response
  • Improved engine management and power delivery
  • Improved acceleration
  • Installations for both petrol and diesel engines

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Engine diagnostics, chipping and tuning in Teesside

We offer a fully comprehensive engine diagnostic service including fault finding. We are also a superchip modem dealer and can carry out an engine remap to improve performance. Installing a superchip engine remap with Teesside Motor Factors reduces your engines limitations and can make your vehicle more fuel efficient.

Our engine diagnostics service includes:

  • Full engine reconditioning
  • Engine tuning
  • Superchip remapping
  • Complete diagnostic servicing including fault finding
  • Rolling road tuning
  • Specialised engine components

To arrange a servicing or an engine remapping call now on 01642 232 222